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sweet 16 party themes

Sweet 16 Party Themes

Sweet 16 Party Planning and trying to decide a theme party? There are so many parties to choose a good theme. Let's look at some of the more common themes. These themes will work fantastic if you have a time of crisis and need to get the party planning done quickly.

1. Tale Party Theme. Every little girl's dream is to become a princess. A fairy tale-themed Sweet 16 party is a fantastic way to make realty dream 'at least
for one day.

2. Favorite Color Theme Party. Using the Sweet 16's favorite color, design a celebration of using the colors in favor, decorations, party dress, cake and more.

3. Beach Party Theme. Always a favorite, beach party theme is actually easy to recreate in a backyard swimming pool, picnic area, and recreation and community center on the lake or sea.

4. Hollywood Glamour Party. Think of Hollywood in the good old days. Women dress to impress, and dapper men. Whether your guests dress in the style of their favorite movie star glamorous.

5. Surprise Sweet 16 Party. Probably not easy to keep secrets from your party Sweet 16, but if you can do it 'that will be all worth it. Select a remote location and swore all guests to secrecy.

6. Sweet Music 16. Selecting music from your favorite decade, Sweet 16 parties planned around the music. 50s music could be a sock hop. 70 disco music is inspired.

If you have more time, following Sweet 16 theme party will be comparable with the planning and effort you put into them:

1. Las Vegas Casino Night. What could be more fun that a p
arty with a Las Vegas Theme. Decorate the location with style casino card tables, game dice, playing cards and party favors that can be used for a party which is then taken home by your guests. Use a large tent in front of the hall who announced the events for that day. Remember, what happens in Vegas Baby ....

2. Sweet 16 Masquerade Party. I do not think I know any teenagers who would not like to wear a mask for the party. Decorate the party is themed in silver and gold sprinkled with dramatic colors such as burgundy or blue sapphire for the effect. Whether your guests dress up and provide them with masks when they entered the room or rooms. Select a box filled with matching support trinkets to give your guests the way out the door.

3. Willy Wonka Candy Themed Party. A favorite
movie of all time into a fantastic party themes. Once you select a location for the party, it's time to really get creative. Choose a chocolate fountain with lots of dipping items such as marshmallows, bananas, and strawberries. Place a large bowl in the entire room is filled to the brim with M & M's, Sweet Tarts, Jolly ranchers, and any other favorite candy. cake should be decorated throughout with candy with Jessica in the middle 'SWEET' 16. Fill a box or bag to support the party with sweet treats for your guests to take home.

We hope some of the ideas above to help you begin to create a Sweet 16 party that is made of dreams. Most importantly, have fun.

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